Encrypted Home Directory Performance

December 8, 2008

Thanks very much to Michael Larabel of Phoronix.

He picked up the instructions from my last blog post, Ubuntu Jaunty: Encrypted Home Directories and ran the Phoronix performance suites.

These are very early results, on a nascent Jaunty distribution still undergoing heavy development. But I must say that I’m rather pleased with the performance hit to the majority of the workloads they tested.

There was roughly a 1% hit in most tests (compilation, compression, audio/video encoding, image processing). The hit was a bit more significant when encrypting a file in userspace, on top of eCryptfs (which is really asking the kernel to encrypt already encrypted data, and compress), as well as the huge-file write. We’re looking into some optimizations we might be able to make at the kernel level to improve this.

Without further adieu…




One Response to “Encrypted Home Directory Performance”

  1. dfl Says:

    what will happen to .ssh/authorized_keys?

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