Running Ubuntu, literally

April 8, 2009

I ran the Race for the Roses Half Marathon in Portland, Oregon with Leann Ogasawara on Sunday, April 5, 2009 in an Ubuntu Jaunty t-shirt — my way of promoting what’s shaping up to be a fantastic release 😉

It was a great day for a run. Perfect sunny spring weather, for a good cause, and Portland is quite a beautiful city.

I’ve proposed that the Canonical Ubuntu Store offer a technical t-shirt for runners and cyclist with a pithy logo, perhaps something like this:

If you like this idea or have other suggestions, please leave a note in the feedback form at the Canonical Store!



6 Responses to “Running Ubuntu, literally”

  1. Mario L Says:

    I’d be for picking up a tech-t like that.

    How’d ya guys do?

    I ran my first half marathon this weekend too! It was down in Austin, Zooma.

  2. dougierichardson Says:

    I’d buy one. How about “sweating over Ubuntu” on the back for contributers?

  3. Joe Smith Says:

    Haha, that’s epic 🙂

  4. Dustin Kirkland Says:

    We both finished in 2:01:33.

    Leann says that she didn’t slow down for me, but I don’t believe her 🙂 I bet she could have kicked my butt!

    It’s a far cry from my personal best half marathon (1:47:37 in Austin, 2004), but at that time, I was in marathon-shape. I think I ran about 4 times in the previous 2 months before the Portland race 😉


  5. jegHegy Says:

    Hey, how’s this?

    (.svgz for editable version)

  6. Alberto Oses Says:

    Hi: Just one question. Where can I get that t-shirt? Is it for developers only or not?

    I like it because it looks like a replica of team jersey.

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