libvirt backport

July 14, 2009

A big thanks to everyone who has been testing the backport of Jaunty’s kvm-84 to Intrepid and Hardy.

I have backported a bit more of the virtualization stack from Jaunty to Intrepid and Hardy, namely:

  • libvirt 0.6.1

Packages are available in the ~ubuntu-virt PPA:

I’m hoping some of you out there might be willing and interested to do some testing on these new packages. They fix a couple of bugs for me, including installation of Windows guests on Hardy hosts.

Please raise issues and discuss problems in Launchpad and IRC, rather than comments below.



One Response to “libvirt backport”

  1. Kamus Says:

    I can't download his key, keyserver said could'nt connect to host, HTTP fetch error 7, but keyserver is running OK. I run this:

    sudo apt-key adv –keyserver –recv-keys CE339E50

    what are I doing wrong?


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