What’s the smallest laptop with VT on the market?

September 29, 2009

Howdy all-

In the course of the Ubuntu Server Team’s development of the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud and Eucalyptus, we’d like to travel with a prototype “cloud” in our luggage.

What’s the smallest laptop you know about that has Virtualization Technology (VT) extensions on the CPU?

I currently have a couple of 12″ Thinkpads (x200 and x61) with VT. Looks like the Dell Vostro 1220 is another 12″ with VT.

Have you spotted anything smaller than 12″? I’m only interested in laptops/netbooks (must have built in keyboard/video), it must have VT, and it must be smaller than 12″. Suggestions?



9 Responses to “What’s the smallest laptop with VT on the market?”

  1. Mark Says:



    The vPro implies VT I believe. They’re 12″ but very thin & light.

  2. Dustin Kirkland Says:

    Gavin emailed me to say:

    “I recently tested an 11.1″ Sony Vaio TT-series Core 2 Duo laptop, although I’m not sure of which model now. It’s definitely a full C2D/2Gb machine rather than an Atom/1Gb, and had a better resolution than most netbooks as well (11.1” widescreen at a full 1280×800 I believe). AFAIK all C2D processors have VT now?

    Unfortunately it’s a Sony, so given my feelings towards them and the quality of their goods, as well as the overinflated price, I’d probably just put up with carrying an extra inch.”

  3. timbosse Says:

    Dell makes a Mini 10 with a Z520 chip that supports VT.

  4. Liam Bedford Says:

    acer timeline 1410 has an SU3500, which intel says has VT. haven’t checked if the bios disables it though. http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=37133

  5. phobiac Says:

    If you find something smaller than the fujitsu u820, I’ll be surprised. It has an Intel Z530, here’s a source for it having VT and a product link.

  6. torenc Says:

    HP makes an excellent little netbook called the Mini 5101 with an Atom processor that supports VT. I just got one. Everything works in Jaunty out of the box. I’d recommend it.

  7. Nicholas Lee Says:

    I read in the Verde docs that the Atom Z520 supports VT.

    I’m planning to get a notebook shortly, and VT was a main requirement.

  8. presgas Says:

    A similar url from Intel’s web pages:

    List all the processors with the VT tech, and in there is a listing of Atom processors, including the Z520. I know I am thinking about anything that has that family.

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