Ubuntu Karmic Release Party in Austin

November 2, 2009

30+ Ubuntu enthusiasts, free software developers, hackers, beer drinkers, and spouses attended Austin’s Karmic Release Party on Thursday, October 29, 2009, celebrating the spectacular Ubuntu 9.10 release.

We filled half of the dining space at Aussie’s, an Australian-themed volleyball beach bar–in honor of our Koala mascot and the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) powered by Eucalyptus.

I got there about 3 hours early, and setup a UEC instance in the corner, using:

  • Linksys 310N wireless router and gigabit switch, flashed with DD-WRT, wirelessly bridged to Aussie’s free WiFi and the Internet
  • 1 Thinkpad X61 (dual 2.0GHz, 4GB, 250GB), Ubuntu 9.10 amd64, running the Eucalyptus Cloud/CC/SC/Walrus services; i.e., the cloud front end
  • 2 Dell Vostro (dual 2.4GHz, 4GB, 320GB), Ubuntu 9.10 amd64, running the Eucalyptus NC services; i.e., the cloud nodes

Over the course of the party (6pm – Midnight), I did roughly 4 demonstrations of UEC on the local installation, showing the web interface, command line EC2-compatible tools, running instances, deploying appliances, terminating instances, and answering a number of excellent questions from our party goers. I also brought a Watt-meter and demonstrated PowerNap — the unique feature of UEC that enables it to be the most energy efficient private cloud deployment around. Oooh…aaaaah 🙂

Unfortunately, I was too busy talking and doing demonstrations, so I didn’t take any good pictures this time. Sorry!



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