My Tux

December 15, 2009

My darling wife, Kim, hand crafted me my very own Tux 🙂 He’s sitting quite prominently next to my monitor, keeping me company. I’m very proud of my crafty, crocheting wife. Thanks, Sweetheart! He’s even cuter than our groom’s cake

You might notice in the background the leaves have finally changed colors here in Austin. It makes for a very beautiful view on the Canyon Edge.



4 Responses to “My Tux”

  1. CyberAng3l Says:

    Perfect indeed!
    It has a very special bit comparing to every other tux existing on the net 🙂

  2. JoeA Says:

    Love it! Does she have a pattern available, as my wife said she’d make me one as well.

  3. Dustin Kirkland Says:


    She does have a free pattern. Kim will post here with a link.


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