Step 2 is installing aluminum brackets on the roof, to which the solar panels will actually mount.

I was chatting with one of the two installers. He noticed that I was wearing a Linux Foundation t-shirt, and he mentioned that he ran Linux on his older computer. Ubuntu, as it turned out. He said that he found it mostly user-friendly, and was able to do almost everything he could under Windows, except use Real Player to listen to his favorite college radio station,

So I checked out, and found multiple m3u streams, for both mp3 and ogg formats. Within minutes, we were streaming to the outdoor speakers while they were working on the roof 😉 When he got home, he confirmed that he was able to do the same with Amarok.



So Step 1 in our solar project was upgrading the electrical panel. All of my breakers were spoken for, so I had to add a line side distribution box for the solar to interconnect. The junction box at the bottom allows me to add a sub-panel into my main distribution panel. The PV system will connect into this dedicated sub-panel.

Thanks to Joseph of Jackpot Electric for the nice, clean installation!


We’re working hard to make your Ubuntu Server as energy efficient as possible, and I’m quite proud of that.

Personally taking it one step further, last week I signed a contract on a 6650W Photovoltaic System, to be installed on my roof while I’m in Dublin for the Karmic Distro Sprint.

The system consists of a total of 38 Solarworld 175 Watt Solar Panels, and a PVI-6000-OUTD-US Aurora Photovoltaic Inverter. It should supply the majority of our electricity (according to PV Watts) and pay itself off within a couple years (after rebate).

We contracted the system through my buddy Vincent Guerrero of Texas Solar Power Company, here in Austin, Texas, taking advantage of one of the most generous and progressive solar rebate programs in the country, offered by Austin Energy.

I figured I should blog our experience in case anyone else out there is considering the same. I’ll keep you posted on the installation and performance of the system.